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Project Portfolio Management

The Essential Buyer's Guide for Project Portfolio Management 

A business primer for PPM software that outlines important buying criteria to help you make the right decision. 

PPM and Agile: Bimodal Project Management Delivers the Best of Both Worlds

How to deliver executive visibility into agile projects without disrupting your agile team. 

Multimodal IT: Learning to Waltz and Break Dance

Today’s enterprise IT has to consider how to manage the myriad types of projects and adopt new methods to execute accordingly.

The Connected PMO: It's Mobile and It's about Time

The mobile device is evolving how we get work done. Find out the top three reasons to implement mobile in your PMO. 



PMO Success Guide: Are You Ready for a Change?

Companies that don’t adapt to the increasingly competitive global marketplace are doomed to fail. That sounds bold, but it’s true. 

PMO Success Guide: Selling the PMO to the Enterprise

Ready to implement a PMO? Find out what kind is right for your organization and how to get your team to support a successful PMO. 


Four Keys to Successful Organizational Change Management

As your business continues to mass adopt new technology and transform operations, don’t leave your people in the dark.

To Train or Not to Train: A Game Plan to Find the Real Problems Fast

Implementing new technology requires a gradual, well-thought-out process. It’s not always about training.