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Project Portfolio Management

Changepoint Project Portfolio Management

For today’s CIO, it’s all about setting business priorities. While keeping systems up and running is still important, CIOs need to be in sync with their internal customers...

Daptiv Solutions Overview

Daptiv’s PPM Professional Edition is designed for mid-size organizations that need a structured approach to managing their portfolio of projects. Daptiv enables a "single source of truth" for projects and...

Daptiv PPM

Daptiv provides powerful Work Intelligence™ functionality, so providing regular dashboards and reporting is easy. In addition, because Daptiv is widely adopted within project teams, the data is accurate...

Daptiv by Changepoint

Daptiv PPM 

For mid-size organizations that need a structured approach to managing their portfolio of projects. Automates the capture of project data for reduced errors and a "single source of truth." 

Daptiv PSA

Leverage your current investments in CRM and ERP systems by providing connectors to those systems, letting you to focus on resources, projects, and overall business performance.

Daptiv PMO

A structured approach to managing project portfolios with pre-built scoring models for analyzing intake based on business priorities and automated data capture for reduced errors and a "single source of truth."

IT Governance

End-to-end IT governance for a structured approach to managing IT portfolios, including formulating strategy and priorities, monitoring implementation of portfolio investments, and managing IT operations and finances. 

Organisational Change Management

Services designed to help PPM customers adapt and overcome traditional challenges associated with the change curve when implementing a new PPM solution.

Application Portfolio Management

Inventory, track, manage, and measure applications based on technical and business value that each provides. Insight helps IT make better decisions regarding application investments.

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Reducing Implementation Risks with Changepoint Accelerators

Changepoint provides you with full visibility into your technology investments—projects, products, applications, services and resources—improving your ability to manage...

Software as a Service with Changepoint

Changepoint is a leader in providing enterprise-level SaaS solutions. In fact, Changepoint has been providing SaaS to enterprise size organizations for more than 10 years. Changepoint continues...

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Changepoint allows technology companies to maximize professional services profitability while maintaining a focus on effective product decisions and delivery. Changepoint’s...


Going Mobile with Changepoint

As a busy technology professional, you spend your days on the go, not sitting behind a desk, and your PSA/PPM solution should be just as mobile as you are. As services organizations seek new ways...