Project Management

Manage an initiative from start to finish and control project progress, resources, risks, financials, scope, and quality.


Don't start from scratch

Manage all project data, including task lists, resources, change requests, and more. Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project enables teams to import data to set up projects correctly. 

  • Apply pre-defined templates as needed and make adjustments in the project profile

  • Manage and edit timeline data using Gantt charts


Keep everyone on the same page

Track tasks, documents, calendars, discussions, and polls within the context of each project.

  • Attach related items to specific tasks

  • Track document versions and responses to manage historical data


All the information in one place

Customize project summaries for an at-a-glance look at project components. Quickly assess and manage tasks, resources, and risks. 


One step at a time

Toggle the task list to easily see critical paths and identify what tasks are impacting delivery. Edit in-line and configure the table to depict only the most critical data. 


Stay in good shape

From the project list, easily update project status. Access historical data to monitor project progression and answer if execution is on track. 

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