Demand Management

A simpler, easier, centralized way to support the intake process from submission to evaluation to approvals.


Single view, simpler intake

See and manage all incoming project requests in one place.

  • From the same screen, you can accept, deny, or edit requests

  • Drill in deeper to assess request details 


Know the score

Create visual, relative comparisons with bubble charts for a multi-dimensional view that makes prioritizing projects and shaping your portfolio easier. 

  • Apply standardized rules and formulas to create a scoring system to measure requests and streamline intake

  • Make it easier to compare data and communicate information


Answer "What if..."

Access real-time resource and role data to manage capacity more effectively.

  • Conduct what-if analysis, and reconcile distribution and allocation shortages

  • View net availability across the organization and see where overages occur


Spread the word

Externalize request forms so project requests aren't limited to Daptiv PPM users.

  • Provide a request URL for submissions

  • Configure request forms to support different project types to increase specificity when submitting requests

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