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Overview brochures

Changepoint for Professional Services and IT Organizations

People, processes, and technology are the cornerstones for business leaders in today’s changing landscape. Unfortunately, maintaining competitive advantage, revenue...

Changepoint Professional Services Automation

When people are your product, the ability to leverage “people, process and technology” is fundamental to running a successful professional services organization. With Changepoint...

Feature brochures

Advanced Business Analytics

Provides reporting, dashboards, and analysis for smarter business decisions. Improve performance management and drive profitable growth with optimized business outcomes from an advanced platform with integrated security.

CPX Process Intelligence

The goal of CPX Process Intelligence is to help you focus on process performance optimization as a foundation while systematically enabling actionable controls to simplify and drive accurate information management.

PSA Budget Management

Stay on budget with a single solution that reduces the time and effort required to build and reforecast budgets across your services organization’s projects. Help your team forecast, track, and balance budgets more easily.

PSA Financial Management

Help executives drive success in their services organizations with a comprehensive set of tools to guide project initiatives, better track financial KPIs, and measure results against industry benchmarks.

PSA Project Management

Make it easier to manage the project lifecycle. Provide critical controls and governance rules for roles, billing and cost rates, revenue recognition, taxation, and multi-currency support. 

Request Management

Define your workflow so it’s easier to manage multiple requests. Record and manage all customer incidents, and create, process, and monitor requests related to the products and services that your organization provides.

Resource Management

Streamline how you manage your resources. Maximize resource utilization, and support skills and competency tracking, resource searching and scheduling, and demand capacity analysis.

Revenue Recognition

Improve how you track revenue recognition with integration with corporate financials and automated processes that provide complete support for standards, calculation, dashboards, and reporting for continual monitoring.

Time and Expense

Give managers improved visibility over time management and workflow. Enable them to track how time is spent by request, individual projects, applications, resource, or client, and better track actual costs.  

Other brochures

Reducing Implementation Risks with Changepoint Accelerators

Changepoint provides you with full visibility into your technology investments—projects, products, applications, services and resources—improving your ability to manage...

Software as a Service with Changepoint

Changepoint is a leader in providing enterprise-level SaaS solutions. In fact, Changepoint has been providing SaaS to enterprise size organizations for more than 10 years. Changepoint continues...

Changepoint for Technology Companies

Changepoint allows technology companies to maximize professional services profitability while maintaining a focus on effective product decisions and delivery. Changepoint’s...


Going Mobile with Changepoint

As a busy technology professional, you spend your days on the go, not sitting behind a desk, and your PSA/PPM solution should be just as mobile as you are. As services organizations seek new ways...