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Learn more about barometerIT and how it can shed light on data darkness across your organization.

White papers, brochures, and reports

IIPA: The Blueprint to What's Next

Learn how IIPA helps enterprise architects build better business blueprints.

Do the right projects vs. Doing projects right

Learn how the combination of EPM and PPM tools helps you do the right projects right

barometerIT Enterprise Portfolio Management

Connect business and IT organization by capturing, organizing, and presenting information from across portfolios for enterprise-wide visibility.

On-Demand Webinars

 Ethias's Journey on the Road to Digital Transformation

Find out how Ethias, a leading Belgium insurance company, is managing its digital transformation efforts, and how the right project portfolio management (PPM) tool was required to turn their portfolio jungle into the gardens of Versailles.

Application Portfolio Management: Why Application Rationalization Efforts Fail

In this 30-minute webinar, Paul Cramer, Changepoint General Manager - EPM, explores the importance of application rationalization, why 70% of all application rationalization efforts fail, and what eight steps to take to avoid that.

Changepoint: Empowering PMOs to Connect Business Strategy with Project Execution

Connect PPM and EA for a true competitive advantage and to change the conversation of IT, which has a direct 1:1 relationship with financial performance. Watch now.